Trees Don’t Move WCIPA

6.2% ABV 47 IBU

Hoppy, piney,  with tropical fruit notes and a crisp dry finish. This West Coast IPA won’t let you forget that trees don’t move.

Copper Conductor

5.5% ABV - 18 IBU

A Vienna esk style lager. Copper in colour, lots of flavour, yet nice and easy. It may just shock you.

El Cerveza

5.0% ABV - 12 IBU

Muy approachable, light and refreshing, with subtle notes of corn and very little hop flavour, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach. Served with a lime.

Pitcher of Beer


60 oz. Pitcher of Beer.

(No pitchers of Trees Don’t Move IPA, Hammer Hands or our Guest Tap)

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