Evil Shenanigans Chocolate Milk Stout on NITRO

5.50% ABV

This stout is sweet and creamy, paired with light roast and dark chocolate notes. Perfect for those cooler fall days!

*Contains Lactose

der Krankenwagen Rye Festbier

Rye Festbier - 6.0% 12.5 SRM 21 IBU

Prost! Slightly sweet malts and hints of spice from the added rye team up to balance the booze and provide you with a great reason to rock your lederhosen or dirndl. 


Hey Bear! BIPA

6.5% ABV 50 IBU 26 SRM

This Black IPA is our collaborative tribute to Alberta. Made with Alberta’s finest barley and wheat, grown and malted by our pals at Red Shed Malting (Penhold AB), and top choice hops from our friends at Flatland Hops (Taber AB). Bready and toasty from Red Shed Black Bear malt combines with the floral spice and citrus notes from Flatlands Cascade hops to give you one heck of a beer!

No Way Gosé

4.0 ABV

Flavoured after the famous cocktail, Paloma. This Gose will refresh and keep you coming back for more. Slightly tart, a little salt and large notes of grapefruit! Perfect to enjoy on the patio.


Try me in the Passarita!

Uphill Battle Coffee Lager

5.0% 14 IBU

We teamed up with our friends over at Crowsnest Coffee to bring you a dark lager enhanced with their Bushtown Blend. Large notes of coffee, and a dry finish this beer will give you a BUZZ!

Avo’s Got Your Bock

5.6% ABV 18 IBU

Brewed to celebrate Portugal Day (June 10).  This Bock comes at you like Avo with a tray full of freshly baked biscoitos. Hold on to your cuecas because it finishes off with a hint of pasteis de nata. Always beware the spoon!

Sunburn Ginger Infused Ale

4.5% ABV 15 IBU

Light crisp ale, hints of ginger. Perfect for enjoying while getting a sunburn.

Can I Get A WITness?

5.0% ABV - 12 IBU

Belgian Wit

A soft medium light to medium body. Large orange peel and coriander aroma, crisp dry finish. Served with a slice of orange, but best enjoyed on a patio, in the sunshine. 



1 oz Tequila mixed with your choice of beer, topped with lime slush. The best way to cool down!

*All beers will go well but we do recommend, El Cerveza & No Way Gosé*

One For The Road

Non Alcoholic Beer! Brewed in Calgary by One For The Road.

Selection Varies. Ask your server

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