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Brewed in the Crowsnest Pass

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PasStout on Nitro

4.5% ABV 32 SRM 39 IBU

The best season is here, Stout season. We’re so excited we almost PasStout. Big roasty flavours, mixed with a smooth mouthfeel from our Nitro tap will have you excited too!

One For The Road

Non Alcoholic Beer! Brewed in Calgary by One For The Road.

Selection Varies. Ask your server

Trading Post Pub Ale

5.8% 14 SRM 29 IBU

The sweet and bready malts combined with a subtle touch of UK hops come together for a smooth ale. Meticulously worked on by our head brewer, Trading Post is an ale meant for the pub. 

This beer goes well with the majority of the menu, most notably The Quarantine and/or traditional poutine.

der Krankenwagen Rye Festbier

Rye Festbier - 6.0% 12.5 SRM 21 IBU

Prost! Slightly sweet malts and hints of spice from the added rye team up to balance the booze and provide you with a great reason to rock your lederhosen or dirndl. 

Makes a great combination with our house made Nachos.


Ski Bum Bluesberry Sour

4% ABV

Lightly soured with a welcoming blueberry flavour.

Tastes great with Chips and Salsa, or The Hawaiian.

Shoee Aussie Pale Ale

5.0% ABV 80 IBU

Medium to full body, big tropical stone fruit aromas and flavour. Triple hopped with a massive amount of Australian hops, you can drink one from your shoe. Oi Oi Oi!

This Aussie hopped pale ale really shines with our Burrito Bowl and Spicy Deluxe.

Pass Seltzer

4.5% ABV -

This super easy going, crisp alcoholic seltzer flavoured with Saskatoon Berry, will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more.

House brewed gluten aware* Seltzer.

*Brewed in a facility with gluten

Plane Crash Porter

4.8% ABV - 35 IBU

A medium bodied porter, named after the North York Creek Plane Crash of 1947, is just what a dark beer fan needs in the Pass. Full of roasty toasty flavours, paired with slight notes of dark fruit will take your senses on a journey.

Planes usually work better with wings, try this with our Crowsnest Coffee flavoured wings.

Pitcher of Beer


60 oz. Pitcher of Beer.

(No pitchers of Trees Don’t Move IPA, Hammer Hands or our Guest Tap)

Hookin’ Ain’t Easy

4.0% ABV 14 IBU

Hookin’ ain’t easy drinking high ABV beers. That’s why we’ve made a light one for you to take out. Light bodied, light hops, and crisp flavour so you can make hookin’ that fish a little easier.

Light lagers go well with our menu. Most notable pairings, The Med and Furious Fries.

Hammer Hands – Scottish Ale

6.8% ABV - 23 IBU

Scottish Export, but more. Sweet dried fruit aroma transitions smoothly on the tongue to dates and raisins. Paired with its medium body and slight earthy notes from the hops helps hide the fact its 6.8%.

Try this with a poutine, and it’ll warm you up!

Rude Blonde

4.25 ABV - 20 IBU

Medium light body but not your typical Blonde. Malt forward but balanced with Citra hops throughout the brewing process. It’s a bit Rude, but you shouldn’t be.

All the rudeness, pair with All the Veg, or All the Meats for a treat!

5oz Pour - $2.86
14oz Pour - $7.14

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