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Brewed in the Crowsnest Pass

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Saison of the Witch

5.6% ABV 3 SRM 25 IBU

Cloves, all spice, and floral hops all come alive!
A special brew by the crafty Pass Beer women with Pink Boots Society hop blend.

Trees Don’t Move West Coast IPA

6.2% ABV - 47 IBU

Hoppy, piney with tropical fruit notes. Crisp dry finish.


March Beertail


“Get Lucky”

Jamesons Irish Whiskey

Lime cordial

Topped with Rude Blonde

Served on ice!

Pop Shuvit Pilsner

5.0% ABV 32 IBU 3 SRM

Similar to your standard European pilsner, with a bit of an edge. Good pop from the hops, clean malt flavours will provide you smooth roll away every time. Brewed with help from our friends from South Western Alberta Skatepark Society to aid in building a skatepark in the CNP. 

Uphill Battle

5% ABV 21 SRM 14 IBU

We teamed up with our friends over at Crowsnest Coffee to bring you a dark lager enhanced with their Bushtown Blend. Large notes of coffee, and a dry finish this beer will give you a BUZZ!

PasStout on Nitro

4.5% ABV 32 SRM 39 IBU

The best season is here, Stout season. We’re so excited we almost PasStout. Big roasty flavours, mixed with a smooth mouthfeel from our Nitro tap will have you excited too!

One For The Road

Non Alcoholic Beer! Brewed in Calgary by One For The Road.

Selection Varies. Ask your server

Trading Post Pub Ale

5.8% 14 SRM 29 IBU

The sweet and bready malts combined with a subtle touch of UK hops come together for a smooth ale. Meticulously worked on by our head brewer, Trading Post is an ale meant for the pub. 

This beer goes well with the majority of the menu, most notably The Quarantine and/or traditional poutine.

Ski Bum Bluesberry Sour

4% ABV

Lightly soured with a welcoming blueberry flavour.

Tastes great with Chips and Salsa, or The Hawaiian.

Pass Seltzer

4.5% ABV -

This super easy going, crisp alcoholic seltzer flavoured with Saskatoon Berry, will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more.

House brewed gluten aware* Seltzer.

*Brewed in a facility with gluten

Pitcher of Beer


60 oz. Pitcher of Beer.

(No pitchers of Trees Don’t Move IPA, Hammer Hands or our Guest Tap)

Rude Blonde

4.25 ABV - 20 IBU

Medium light body but not your typical Blonde. Malt forward but balanced with Citra hops throughout the brewing process. It’s a bit Rude, but you shouldn’t be.

All the rudeness, pair with All the Veg, or All the Meats for a treat!

5oz Pour - $2.86
14oz Pour - $7.14

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