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To Share or No?

15 Wings

1 lb. of crispy chicken wings.

Saucy: Hot, Furious, Peri Peri or Korean Honey

Dry Rubs: Spiced Crowsnest Coffee, Tajin, Lemon Pepper or Seasoned & Salty

Wings can be prepared gluten aware. Please let your server know when ordering and we can accommodate

10 Furious Fries

House cut fries, spicy parmesan garlic sauce and green onions.

6 Fries

House cut fries.

  • Add Gravy +$1.50

*Our fries are gluten aware (please let your server know of allergies or intolerances).

17. Nachos

Corn tortillas, cheese blend, tomatoes, olives, jalapeƱos, green onions, cilantro with sides of sour cream and fresh made salsa.

  • Add Beef +$3.

*Gluten aware*

7.5 Chips & Salsa

House cooked corn tortilla chips & fresh salsa.

*Gluten aware*

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